Denim, mon amour!

Denim Parade
The word jeans, employed for the first time in 1567, was used to refer to Genoese fustian fabric, dyed with indigo, which was in demand in Europe and particularly among English merchants. From the 16th century to the present day, jeans or denim, whichever you want to call it, has never known any difficulties, it’s an evergreen of the times which has been applied to thousands of fashions and has always been popular with everyone, from workers to style or fashion icons.

One of the denim must-have items are Shorts: a classic, with turn-ups or rips. A garment with a thousand combinations: relaxed, sexy, minimal or perhaps a bit Woodstock!

In recent years, the classic Jeans trousers have undergone thousands of variations: lengthened, shortened, so tight as to become a second skin and finally widened.
The resulting look is as though you have put on your boyfriend’s jeans, which is why they are known as Boyfriend. The new frontier in femininity is reinterpreted in masculine garments and these are a perfect example! Loved by all the coolest celebrities, these Trousers MUST be worn with turn-ups!


However, for those of you who like to feel sexy even in a casual item like jeans, the solution is to sheath yourself in a pair of Skinny jeans, ultra-tight stretch denim trousers.

A cool variation on the Skinny Jeans is these Coloured jeans, one of the key items from the 1990s.


Straight out of the 1970s, with a straight leg and a bell-bottomed flare. A word to the wise? The ones which look the best are those with a seam running down the back.

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