Making a Movie…

On a mild day in early December, everything in downtown Florence, in the city's Piazza San Giovanni just metres from the cathedral, has a flavour of Christmas to it… But all of a sudden, something interrupts this busy Christmassy atmosphere…. as film cameras and actors appear around the Patrizia Pepe Menswear Boutique, and people start to gather to see what's going on …

The Patrizia Pepe boutique has in fact been selected to film a few scenes from Carlo Vanzina's latest film, due to be screened in Italy's top cinemas in Spring 2012.

The film tells the story of a day in Italy. Just one day. A day in the life of celebrity people in Italy today, a snapshot of Italian people in general, flaws and faults included. With one important difference though, as unlike the things the papers and television feature on a daily basis (tragedies, disasters, robberies and scams), the film portrays the good side of Italian people: their warm, fun nature, their sense of irony and why not, their well-meaning social clumsiness. Italians who take on their real problems every day with a healthy dose of optimism and good humour.

From episode to episode, the film moves from Milan to Rome to Naples, then on to Verona, Florence, Bari, Potenza and so on, trying to capture not just the humorous side of each situation, but also the individual personality of the region, the language and the customs of Italy's various "ethnic" groups.

Starring in the Florence episode are Chiara Francini and Paolo Conticini, pictured here during filming, together with our staff who were on hand and at the ready to snap some pictures to share the event in real time with you!

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