Just arrived: Only 4 Fall Winter 2011

A rock and bohemian soul. Freedom in a single case. A never-ending tribal journey, tales told late at night, special encounters, faraway places, different cultures. Every story remembered and every encounter relived and reinterpreted in unique garments, for a look that mirrors the criss-crossing experiences of life.
Always more sought-after materials and ever increasing attention to details and finishes. Nestled in the suitcase, the more casual items pair up with formal attire, clothes salvaged from the wardrobe share life experiences alongside decisively glamorous and sophisticated pieces. This is the way of the tribe.
Items in sheepskin and long pile faux-fur hanging next to feminine bouclé jackets, caban jackets and tulle or gypsy-style long pile gilets. Still featuring parkas, nylon puffers in plain colours or tweed prints.

Rock-soul studs paired with jean-cut trousers or pencil skirts. Chiffon, zips and metal medals for a touch of heavy metal glamour.
Ruching in pleats give a tailored cut to dresses, jumpsuuits and flowing trousers. A fusion of styles as well as fabrics combining delicate and rugged: mesh and satin inserts on tight or flowing outlines.

Ponchos and grungy fringed tops, in over-sized mohair and merino. Shirts with detailing, in dyed cotton checks or stripes or in gypsy prints. Gems, micro chains, feathers, metallic embroidery and lace inserts on tulle add a touch of glamour to jersey outfits, remaining faithful to the rock soul of the collection.
Vintage wash denim, sand-washed and stretch velvet; floral prints on linings, as if taken from old memory albums, leaving a lived-in look to jeans.
Faded tones for sweatshirts. Jeggings in satin, coated or laminated fabric are reminiscent of a disco phase on this retro journey. Warm shades of brown, camel against blue, clay and white tones. Pink paired with sophisticated flashes of navy blue and black.

The endless landscapes of the open road even become immortalized Polaroid images on t-shirts while the Only 4 Stylish Girls logo is emblazoned with rhinestones and settings for a true rock feel.


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  1. quasi quasi mi vien voglia di autunno!!! 🙂

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