Patrizia Pepe in mostra alla Triennale di Milano

Precious Fly are the protagonists of C25 Options of Luxury

From 8 September until 2 October, the Triennale di Milano will be hosting C25 Options of Luxury.
Conceived and organised by Class Editori e Class, curated by Italo Rota, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the publishing house and paper, the exhibition is the first time ever the history and evolution of fashion, design and luxury has been recounted in an innovative zig-zagging passage of dates, brands, objects and events, which through the use of cutting-edge technology, take us on an emotional journey focusing on the relationships between the brands and their prospects for the future.
The main protagonists are the people, companies, and products which spelt out the origins and evolution of these sectors.
C25 Options of Luxury, supported by the Triennale Design Museum presents visitors with an interactive mix of real objects and digital representations, realised through maximum exploitation of the most advanced technologies on offer.
The approach is alluring and even revolutionary for a world closely tied to tradition, such as the luxury sector, with its firm connections with the careful craftsmanship seen in high quality products.
There will be some 250 objects on display along with ideas from the leading design houses that are true representatives and beacons in the development of fashion, design and luxury over the last 25 years.
Alongside exhibits from Dior, Chanel and there will also be Patrizia Pepe, and the Precious Fly range of iconic insects, opulently bejewelled, hand-crafted pieces made from resin.

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