Great little things for your Christmas list

The festive season is upon us yet again……..and with Christmas just around the corner, some cool gift ideas might come in handy…. Year after year, Patrizia Pepe puts together a wide selection of bestselling accessories, and at this time of year in particular, accessories are in big demand. That’s why we do our best every year to introduce new items and original details to make even the simplest of gifts into something original and special….
We’ve picked a few select items from our wide range of wallets, mini clutches, scarves, Persian keffiyehs and gloves, describing each in detail for you and giving you some hints on how to work them for a superstar, super original look. Click the images to see inside the interiors, read a detailed description and get details of prices and available colours.
BLet’s start with two wallets, one big one small, in supersoft nappa calfskin with raw-edge trims from the Nomad Range as featured in the Advertising Campaign and part of the Coolest seasonal mood.

Then there are the two clutch-purses from the Precious Flyrange, one in python print as featured in the Advertising Campaign, the high-glam version and undoubtedly the one that will turn heads. Carry as a clutch for just the same wow factor….

If you prefer the classic, clean-cut look, which let’s not forget is a sign of inner sophistication, the kind of ensemble where the details do all the talking, then we have picked this mini clutch made up of three smaller separate bags. Used together or separately, they make for an extremely versatile accessory. Indeed, use as a make-up bag or to keep all your bits and bobs in one place, either in your everyday handbag or for special occasions….

Alongside our leather range, we also have these ever popular Persian keffiyehs from the Nomad and Precious Fly ranges. Cheery and bright, they are ideal for everyday wear or super sexy over a low-cut dress, or even better a backless one……

If you’re feeling the cold, our range of cashmere or Alpaca wool scarves, hats and gloves is just the thing for you. We’ve picked just two today from the wide selection on sale in Patrizia Pepe Flagship Stores or in the Digital Boutique. 100% cashmere range with Patrizia Pepe logo. The scarves measure 260cm x 70cm and matching hat and gloves are also available..

This is from the mixed stretch Mohair knit range, supersoft with hand-sewn sequin detailing and Patrizia Pepe logo. The scarf measures 250cm x 36cm and matching hat and gloves are also available.

Last but not least are two timeless hats and a pair of gloves! All are Classic pieces of enduring appeal, essential wardrobe staples that you can’t do without, whatever the season, whatever the mood or trend, they are perfect for breathing new life into every look!

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