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12-17 April 2011  Salone Internazionale del Mobile (Milan International Furniture Fair)
What is Salone?
The first Salone del Mobile was launched in 1961 out of an idea from a group of entrepreneurs and artists in the sector. Over the years the event has seen much transformation, finally becoming a fixed feature in the calendar and recognised internationally as the place where innovative and artistic ideas are presented along with future trends in both furnishings and Design.
The 2011 event celebrates the fair’s “fiftieth birthday”. The president of Cosmit (the company which organises the Salone Internazionale del Milano), Carlo Guglielmi, stressed that the objective for this year will be to “celebrate 50 years of the Salone del Mobile while looking forward to the next 50 years“. At the core of all the events however is innovation, of things in people’s outlook and in their habits, looking to the past and thinking about the future.
Patrizia Pepe has for many years been present and close to the design world participating in the Fuori Salone events, with creative contributions becoming increasingly innovative year on year. Fuori Salone, for those who don’t already know, is an extraordinary series of events and ventures which are organised parallel to and to complement the Salone Internazionale del Mobile. This year, Patrizia Pepe has teamed up with A4Adesign who have created spectacular macro sculptures from honeycomb cardboard exclusively for our stores, displaying their trademark distinctiveness.

Fuorisalone 2011.
A4Adesign are handling the design and fitting out of Patrizia Pepe’s Milan stores.
The Patrizia Pepe project for Fuorisalone 2011 is called Secret Garden realised in collaboration with A4Adesign, a company which unites the essential values of sustainability with high-design content and uses only recycled or recyclable cardboard. For the exclusive Milan stores on via Manzoni and via Pontaccio, A4Adesign freely interprets the concept of the Insect jewels collection. The company is putting together an amazing design and the store fit-out is taking shape, using an unusual and reinvented material which underscores the inspirational principles of the brand broken down from a highly imaginative perspective: nature which always follows its original course, breaking through the urban landscape and always managing to surprise us with its spectacular and delicate character.
The giant Insects of the Patrizia Pepe collection in coloured resin – which inspire brooches, bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings, pendants and lend themselves to the decoration of sandals, bags and belts – hover over giant cardboard flowers over two metres high. Enormous multi-faceted waterlilies, from the same world as the Insect collection, sway in the windows and on the clean interior surfaces cardboard butterflies rest; themselves gems of creativity and design. In the chaotic labyrinth of the city, a tranquil garden is awaiting a new generation of explorers to discover its unguarded wonders.
The eco-friendly set, made completely from honeycomb cardboard, light yet strong, quick yet resistant, presents many practical advantages. It’s easy to transport as all the elements arrive on site flat, which are then easily and quickly assembled with simple joins and it allows for cost-savings in terms of transportation and storage. And, should you so wish, it’s even reusable.
Useful and shareable are the key features which unite all A4Adesign projects, a reality which was born in 2002 from an inspirational idea shared by Nicoletta Savioni and Giovanni Rivolta, who were intrigued by the structure of a material and fascinated by its potential. An interest which was cultivated in their spare time from their architecture studio and became a full-time job only after much vetting, thanks also to encouraging requests from northern Europe in particular.
But it’s much more than a job; for them it’s a game legitimised by its business value which favours the fun-side of design. From the heart of Bovisa, a former industrial park in Milan, they invent and produce design objects, games, furniture and other complementary items. They design and build stage settings and installations for exhibition spaces, commercial and recreational areas for children and adults alike. All exclusively made from cardboard. Their aim to use an environmentally-friendly and seemingly cheap material translates into choosing simplicity and showing respect for the world’s resources.
The insect series, “Precious Fly”, is a range of Accessories taking inspiration from the world of insects and Nature. It is retouched from a glamorous perspective, without affectation and freely stylised in forms and colours that give the objects a touch of modernity and a contemporary twist.
Each piece is unique thanks to the way in which it is worked.
The gems which make up various objects, necklaces, bracelets, brooches, and earrings are made from coloured resin, blended together to create the desired veining effect, and which form part of the uniqueness of the product.
There are two forms of Insect (flies and butterflies) which reinterpret nature in a way that is cool and charming for an ultra-feminine, modern, free-thinking woman.
The brilliant colours of the Insects transform everything that they are put on, from sandals to bags, even on a t-shirt. They fly and rest across the collection, spreading through range with each beat of their wings. Everything is Nature; it’s simply a question of being guided by the instinctive flight that leads to limitless beauty….

“Precious Fly gift”
Each client that makes a purchase from our Milan stores or our on-line store during the Milan Salone week, will be given the opportunity to enjoy the atmosphere of the “Secret Garden” by receiving a complementary miniature reproduction in honeycomb cardboard of the two forms of Insects from the Precious Fly range, exclusively made for Patrizia Pepe by A4Adesign.
Secret Garden
12-17 Aprile 2011
12-13-17 ore 10-20
14-16 10-21

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