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What a chance to get a whole new look!
The modern man spends his time in a myriad of pursuits, like old favourites, women and cars, the more highbrow literature and exhibitions, or the more frivolous sport and fashion.
Clothing has an important part to play in all of this, just like the cliche’ says, it’s the first impression that counts. The 21st century man however is still learning the fashion ropes, and remains convinced of the old adage “you only get what you pay for, the fewer but the better.”
With this in mind, what better time to expand your wardrobe than at sale time at the Patrizia Pepe Online Store? A must-have in any wardrobe is a simple, clean-cut and nicely tailored-looking coat, and you can have it double or single-breasted. A piece of outerwear of this calibre will work over formal attire like a suit or sit just as easily with a pair of lived-in jeans.

If you want to bring a grunge feel to your look, try this fringed maxi cardigan either with a pair of denim trousers or a timeless pair of cargos.

The sales are also a great time to try out something new, as the reduced prices give you the chance to get something you’d always wanted into your wardrobe. If you’re into the biker’s look, what about this double-buckle boot or plain vintage-effect leather option.

A clever buy would be to invest in some accessories, like a messenger bag or maybe a bowling bag to take to the gym.

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