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The top styles of top celebrities David Beckham, Ed Westwick and Colin Farrell. They are drop-dead gorgeous, adored and envied by men around the world not to mention lusted after by every woman on the planet.
Now, if mother nature wasn’t democratic enough to make us all as bright and beautiful as these guys, then at least we can still take advantage of the silent styling that goes on behind the scenes to give these three greats the trend-setting stardom they enjoy (we think we’ll give the nail polish a miss though).

From the fashion bible of David Beckham, mix it up if you want to get noticed, which is why he works casual and formal so well together. To get some of the attention this look is guaranteed to give you, try working this slimfit jacket with white, double-collar shirt, medium-wash Jeans and felt cap with a vintage feel.

If you want your look to be chic a’ la Ed Westwick (who has made suave sophistication his trademark), then the ideal way to get some of his “new dandy” style is by choosing this double-breasted, fitted coat, patterned wool slimfit trousers, denim shirt and silk tie.

Colin Farrell has much more of a rock vibe in his printed jersey T-shirt , fitted gilet, skinny jeans and studded belt combo.

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