Scegli il ritmo Giusto per il 2011!

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While we’re writing this, it’s actually still last year… (i.e. 2010!)… but here we are taking stock of the year that’s winding to an end, taking some time to think about the things that happened, the positive responses we had, the promises we did or didn’t keep and the good intentions we set out with.
2011 will be another year of new people and new faces, the alarm will continue to ring too early, we’ll keep having one coffee too many, and while work will continue to keep us too busy, no doubt it will also give us a lot to be happy about too!
In other words, it will be another year of embracing life and making the most of it.  Sometimes things will be smooth, sometimes they’ll be one big stress, but whatever happens, it’ll always be easier when you’re listening to the right music. Music has and will always be our best friend during the day: it winds you up when you need to get going, chills you out when you need to wind down, lifts you up when it gets you dancing, and spurs you on when you’re running .
It goes without saying that it has to be the right music too! So, at the start of a new year, what better time to share our ideal playlist with you, featuring some (not all) of our most favourite tunes:
10 tracks for 10 different situations!
Are you feeling romantic or in love? Jeff Buckley_Grace
For a long road trip: Yann Tiersen_ Summer 78. You’ll feel like you’re in a film.
–          If you’re tired after work, this will help you wind down and chill out: Bob Marley don’t worry be happy
–          Pink Floyd_The Great Gig in The Sky … this needs no explanation or any special reason to listen to it….

–          Do you find it hard to wake up in the morning? PLAY IT: The Who_ Baba’O Riley
–          One of the top singles of 2010, catchy and very good to dance to: Klaxons_Echoes
–          What an amazing voice! Just take a minute to tune in then start blasting it out at the top of your voice: Kings Of Leon_Sex on Fire –          All it takes is once, and you’ll want to listen to it every day for a month: Phoenix_If I ever Feel Better
–          Ramones_ I wanna Be Sedated … because there’s a little bit of punk in everyone.
–          If negative plus negative equals positive, then a sad song will take away the blues: Radiohead_Street Spirit (Fade Out)
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…Music is just like perfume, it’s really personal and everyone has their own favourite; why not make up your very own playlist? If you don’t have one already, put one together then tell us what you think about ours, leave us a note on the wall at our fan page You never know, the next playlist might even be yours…
Oops … we’ve just remembered something that sums this up perfectly:
Talking about music is like dancing to architecture” (Frank Zappa), so that’s enough talking, let’s get listening, downloading and enjoying!
We wish you all a great start to 2011 … and that you all get into the right groove!

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