Shooting: work in progress!

Work in progress
It’s all go in the Patrizia Pepe head office, as models, make-up artists, hairdressers and photographers hurry about their business. The air is bristling with creativity and innovation… even more than usual! Shooting has commenced on the 2011 2012 Flash Collection, our ultra-glam evening range, and we sneaked backstage to get you a few sneaky previews of the work in progress..

Hair & Makeup: the mood is glam-chic featuring milky-white skin, fiery red lips and the hair up …

It’s team work from the word go: before shooting starts, some models, the make-up artist and one of the photographers bounce ideas around and share their thoughts.

Then the cameras start clicking for real … The Patrizia Pepe staff have a closer look at the pictures.

And now for a sneak preview of the final result…


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  1. I love the first picture!
    If you ever need a photographer, I’m based in the Netherlands but I travel worldwide.

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