Patrizia Pepe Tribal Excess loosens things up.

At such a hectic time of year when you’re busy with Christmas shopping and Christmas dinners with your friends, finding time to put together the perfect Christmas playlist seems nigh on impossible. Go on admit it, after all, we’re all guilty on this one…but never fear, help is on hand. Patrizia Pepe’s Tribal Excess is the perfect solution.

From the first few tracks, the atmosphere takes on a decidedly sophisticated groove: Cigànyùt by DJ Bootsie, Lenny Mac Dowell’s very mellow Te Quiero, and especially I need you tonight by Moonton feat Olga Ponomaryova will have you gently gyrating before you realize it. A sexy, sophisticated tribal ensemble with a soft spot for refined remixes,

such as the superlative slow cover version of Gloria Gaynor’s I will survive, which brings the underlying melancholy back to the fore from under the more dominant dance beat; this is followed by the equally mellow Laidback.

The pace picks up with Zsa Manca: halfway through the compilation it’s time to turn up the volume, to move the tables and chairs out the way and start dancing. Everything changes in this second part of the evening. Things quickly go mellow again with Each &Every Day, then the rhythm picks up again with Oud We think we are; next we’re whisked off to the Far East with Sirens of the Dead Sea by Erik Sumo or through Eastern European vibes with Romanian Clublife.

The CD continues along these lines, creating an intriguingly cosmopolitan mood that is part lounge bar, part tzigany party to be enjoyed barefoot, bathed in coloured light, grooving by the river.

A special mention goes to Habibi di Malente&Dex: it feels just like you’re in a club with them.

The tribal excesses don’t stop here: 17 tracks, all different but sharing the same underlying style and fun factor. This CD is an unconventional compilation for everyone that loves dancing to the beats of the world’s best DJs.

I must confess, it could also be much more than just background or after-dinner music. Listen to it while you’re getting ready for a Saturday night out with the girls: let it inspire not just your look, but the rest of the evening.

Simona Melani blogger, The Wardrobe



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