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Someone once said that true happiness comes from exercising both mind and body, and that one should never be without the other. When the body is healthy, the mind is too. They are indissolubly joined, in life and in the philosophy of Patrizia Bambi, creative director of Patrizia Pepe. Looking after herself, exercising regularly and loving her body are all part of her DNA.

It’s what drives her to keep training with enthusiasm everyday, and why she took part in the 2009 New York marathon. Running in this unique event makes you feel the city is all yours for a day. For 4 or 5 hours, it’s at your feet, district after district. The marathon is the ultimate challenge, to actually go all the way seems like an insurmountable test. Believing you can do it, then when you cross the finish line, being able to say: “I did it this time too”.

On the 27 November, Patrizia Bambi used this same enthusiasm and the same drive that got her round the last New York marathon, to complete the 28th Florence Marathon. She lined up at the start alongside elite Ethiopian athletes Gigi Asha and Bekele Berga B.

A wealth of celebrities were also there, first and foremost Linus, a sports enthusiast and omnipresence on marathon starting lines around the world, just like Patrizia Bambi (pictured together).

Patrizia was accompanied by many other dignitaries from the city of Florence, with the first in line mayor Matteo Renzi (pictured with Patrizia Bambi and Diego Petrini, Marketing Director for the event).

The marathon brings people together while giving runners the sensation of being free spirits at the same time. Just like the women who wear Patrizia Pepe clothes, free, independent and always on the move. Because mind and body go hand in hand for them too.





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