Tribal Excess Party fires up Vogue Fashion's Night Out

Patrizia Pepe, queen bee of Vogue fashion’s Night Out
Workaholics finally took a night off to have some fun with the fashion crew, the fashionistas and everyone else who came along just to see what was happening in Milan last night at Vogue Fashion’s Night Out.
The city was wall-to-wall events, from Stella McCartney‘s cupcakes – the major attraction at her party – to the legendary Donatella Versace in attendance at the Versace boutique or the 1940’s Miu Miu muses …
Yet the word on the street was that… The Tribal Excess Party was going to be the biggest, most glam event of the whole VFNO.
And that word wasn’t wrong.
The Patrizia Pepe Boutique in Via Manzoni 38 was the beating heart of VFNO, the crowds had started to build up even before the start of the event, all eager to get their hands on the must-haves of the evening, i.e. the butterfly invitation bracelet and special edition t-shirt.
And when fashion meets music, the result is always pretty exciting. Harley& Muscle and the Norwegian duo Röyksopp fired up visitors to the Patrizia Pepe boutique, electrifying the evening and whipping up a frenzy as their intoxicating beats had
Patrizia Pepe and Röyksopp fans in euphoria, waving their hands in the air. The jam-packed boutique was split down the middle, with the DJ set on one side and a photo shoot in the softly-lit pink room, set against a background of the iconic insects that feature consistently in Patrizia Pepe Collections, on the other.
The evening had a fun and slightly ironic side as visitors were offered the chance to step into the limelight and pose for a unique photo set, as well as a celebrity feel as everyone partied to house music and electronic beats.
Designer Patrizia Bambi welcomed many celebrity guests, including Kay Rush, Costanza Caracciolo and Federica Nargi (Le Veline!), Thais Souza Wiggers and partner, and Bruno Cabrerizo.
The event had all the right ingredients to make it a success, but it was you our fans who made it such a great night!

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