What's Hot in Cold Winter

Autumn is finally upon us and even though the winter collections have been in-store for some time, we’re only getting the first glimpses now of what’s right on cue and what moods are winning the favour of our fashion-savvy customers.
Girl shoppers today, in fact, have a much clearer idea of what they want and what’s hot in the fashion world; they put a lot of thought into deciding what sort of image they want to convey, something which can change drastically from one moment and one situation to the next.
For this year’s Autumn Winter collections, you’ll know exactly what this image is, as the world’s leading fashion magazines are portraying women as gypsy heroines tackling the many challenges each day throws at them with the strength and elegance that only generations of wisdom handed down over the years could give them.

Drawing on this idea, prints and fur (real and synthetic alike) are prominent features, used either on collars or as animal-prints on fabrics, each echoing plush feline vibes. Nomad Ladies in AW 2011 don animal-print and fur-embellished silk chiffon dresses, while sheer Georgette silk printed tunic dresses worn with synthetic furs feature imitation jewellery in juxtaposition with the ostentatious, statement accessories worn to echo the gypsy glow of the Nomad Woman.

The collection is a fusion of real and “unreal” where furs and jewellery, not to mention the illusions created by the novel combination of different materials and some very unexpected allies, like silk and down jackets … are given the same treatment to give them a warm and cosy appeal. Animal prints create a chic, stylish look on neutral colours while making the kind of shock statement worthy of a true leading lady on unexpected fluo shades!

One last note… if you want to know more about the Nomadic Mood, take a look at this amazing feature on Steven Meisel in the October Issue of Vogue… where each fashion house’s interpretation of the Winter Nomad Ladies is presented in one big glossy fashion spread to wow us once again with everything the new season (here at last!)…has to bring.

As omnipresent as ever… a colour for all seasons… black is back.
From collection to collection (this time with nomadic vibes, even down to just one simple accessory), it elongates and refines, giving both complex and basic garments the right mix of endless appeal and classy style.

Another timeless favourite is the classic-chic look, interpreted differently from stylist to stylist, to give each brand its own unique take on AW2011 classy day-wear. In turn, the women wearing it make it work for them in their own unique ways, from cocktail nights to after-work drinks, dinners and nights out with friends. Favourites for these occasions are soft, neutral colours that add style and sophistication, allowing them to be sexy but not overpowering.

Added to these, just like every other season, are the seasonal colours. This winter the hottest labels have played it bold and bright, throwing in reds, yellows and a lot of orange and purple, of the kind you’d find on an oriental rug or savour on your spice rack. Whether it’s worn as a block colour or slotted in here and there, orange is big and bright and bold….just be careful what you mix it with! … teamed with black or neutral shades… it’s a definite winner!


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