Where is Patrizia? The journey is about to begin…

…Once I saw where happiness lived: it was in a troubled place and always moving. When we met, I really wanted something, even though I don’t remember now what it was…. and She, well She held me back from getting it. That’s when she told me where she lived…. She lives where expectation is! I would love to meet her once more and if only she could stay with me for ever to take away the sadness, that goes beyond the where and when… That’s why when you want me, you run away and … fall! Without knowing that my arms will still be there, then you’ll fall again, and I’ll catch you! But without ever holding you close… That’s why you run away when I want you, so even if you don’t see me you can always feel that I’m here… and I embrace you, without ever holding you… We keep looking for each other… never meeting, being everywhere but nowhere, playing at being happy for ever… We are on troubled trajectories that keep meeting without ever crossing! That’s how we stop space! And to stop time…. well, we let it go… so we can keep starting over. Because happiness is about staying in balance, without ever stopping…>>
Where is Patrizia? It’s a poem, a message, a love letter, a wish … It’s the sound track for everyone who’s looking for Patrizia… Where is Patrizia?

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  1. Questa è veramente una bella poesia. Complimenti!

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