Active Couture

Eveningwear that’s elegantly original, but with a soul that is sporting, active and practical… just like the personalities of Patrizia Pepe protagonists. Simple lines, sophisticated fabrics and classy colours conjure up a post-7pm style that takes its inspiration from the most dynamic aspects of the contemporary moment, moulding silhouettes balanced somewhere between a 1960s couture flavour and a futuristic sensuality, endowing every garment with a timeless allure.
Volumes jump between structured body-hugging shapes and fluidly lightweight softness. The short coats and the tight-waisted jackets are worn with clean-lined dresses, or else with outfits flaunting skirts that swirl with sartorial folds and pleats. The colour palette, with its intense full-bodied tones, conjures up distinctive chromatic harmonies where black, rum red, vintage red, royal violet, purple shade and luxury green intermingle with the pallid likes of blush rose, light beige and cloud grey.

The prints, especially, outdo themselves with colour mixes and shaded graphic motifs, deploying check patterns and oriental illustrations,
delicate floral bouquets and irregular painted-effect chunks. The exclusive balancing act between tradition and innovation throws
caution to the winds particularly in the interplay of materials, juggling with sophisticated fabric contrasts between protective or
techno textures like neoprene, double jersey, stiff woollen cloth, patent- and eco-leather, on the one hand, and extremely feminine
and transparent consistencies like washed satin silk, georgette and muslin, on the other.

Viscose jersey and knitwear, finally, offer opportunities to play with golden smears and yarns that create a liquid effect and evoke absolutely glamorous metallic tones. Meanwhile, the duality between shine and opacity is explored through cunning juxtapositions of the reversed sides of fabrics, with smooth satin played against rough satin or crêpe, and patent effects with woollen cloth or neoprene.

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