Get the celebrity look: Michelle Hunziker

Last year was a truly momentous year, what with changes of government, the passing of key figures whose inventions changed our lives, environmental catastrophes and a formidable Mayan prophecy hanging over our heads.

Here in Italy, 2011 was not just a year of political upheaval and global economic crisis, we also spent 365 days packed full of challenges, exciting experiences, targets fulfilled and unexpected surprises.

And even though we don't know what lies in store for us, we'll still be embracing the new year with the same enthusiasm as ever and perhaps plying the days with a pinch of feel-good factor might make the experience just that little bit easier. Just as it's vital to be fully aware of the severity of events unfolding around us, it is equally important that we don't forget how to take pleasure in the little things: a glance, a smile, a song, a treat…

Michelle Hunziker must have been thinking along these very lines when she spent an afternoon shopping in our Milan Boutique.

What caught her eye? These platform damask court shoes and rabbit-fur hooded duffel jacket. Do you like what she picked?




  2. Beh come si fa a non approvare le sue scelte, da voi è tutto bellissimo! Anche se il cappotto che ho appena comprato è mooooolto più bello (ammetto di aver adocchiato il montgomery eheh).

  3. Qualsiasi cosa indossi, e’ sempre bellissima ^__^

  4. la boutique di milano ha la dicitura “firenze” nella porta??

    • Ciao Mauro,
      Firenze è il luogo di nascita del Brand e dove tutt’oggi abbiamo la sede generale dell’Azienda. Inoltre la dicitura Patrizia Pepe Firenze, fino a non molto tempo fa, faceva parte del logo ufficiale del marchio, ed ancora talvolta viene ussato.
      Speriamo di aver esudito la tua curioità.

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