Behind the scenes at the 2012 Autumn Winter Catwalk Show

Can you guess how many people work behind the scenes of a runway event? How many people does it take to make sure the Collections designed by the creative minds of the stylists become second skin to the bodies that will wear them until they make their first public appearance… on the catwalk? We won’t bore you with agency stories, starting with travelling disasters (a delayed train this year almost wrecked the catwalk schedule when a model nearly missed the show), or sorting out hair and makeup (both are tried out numerous times until the final versions are picked), or how stylist Sissy Vian inspects and reviews the collection to find the right cult pieces to put on the runway.
What we would like to tell you about is the mood of the biggest day of the season…. the Autumn Winter 2012 Catwalk Show, in the words of someone who watched it all unfold from the inside….us!
People were working in the Hall to create the right set for the pre-show drinks… Our Flys and Butterflies provided a perfect glimpse into the theme of the Breakfast on the Moon Collection, fluttering towards the Planet.

At the same time, up on the first floor, half of the floor was caught up with hair and makeup, models and stylists engrossed in with getting the order of appearance just right as well as perfecting hair and makeup… OK, so the models are already naturally good-looking… but don’t think they don’t get a little extra help from makeup, lights…and most importantly, some very careful styling. They are often picked for how well their features fit with the themes of the Collection, rather than for their natural looks.

Downstairs, in the area used to stage runway shows, the set designers, sound engineers and light technicians were all working with the general production team to create the ideal backdrop for the Collection.. To tell the truth, the assembly team had already been hard at work for a week… and were at the final touches as the DJs (Hurley & Muscles) arrived, the airwaves echoing with the soundcheck underway.. and excitement rising everywhere.

Then it was time… the first guests were starting to arrive, and for the first time ever, the Italian Press was going to be in attendance whom, despite the Berlin Fashion Week happening at the same time, had decided this was an occasion not to be missed. The event started with pre-show drinks in the Hall, as we waited for Patrizia to put the final touches to everything behind the scenes, and before the guests could be invited to take their places around the catwalk.

Time to get started…

We won’t show you all the looks, just a small selection to give you a taste of what you’ll be seeing next season.
But we haven’t finished yet…. at the end of the show, the guests were transferred to Florence’s Stazione Leopolda, where the After-Show Party was to be staged. The fantastic Leopolda location was split into 3 eye-catching and connecting sets, staged by Deep Flowers and Catering Federico Salza; the first one hosted the drinks party, serving coloured alcoholic planets (balls filled with coloured vodka), the second was used for the seated dinner, where beautiful orchid arrangements hung from the interlunar space above, and the third for the disco, where a marvellous free bar in the middle (that looked like it had always been there) spiced up the evening and dance time for guests.

The leitmotif of Patrizia Pepe’s 2012 Autumn Winter Collection, the moon, followed our guests from start to finish, and provided the perfect ambience for a memorable evening.

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  1. davvero bella sfilata ..bellissimi vestiti, si mi piace… complimenti. 🙂

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