The new Spring/Summer 2012 collection is here

LUXURY GONE BAD is the name of the new Spring Summer 2012 Women’s Collection.

Luxury reveals a rough&ready soul that super rock chic nails have scraped and scuffed round the edges to create an electrifying new take on easy-going elegance. The architectural panache and art-deco symmetry of the 1930’s meets the glam aesthetic of 1970’s rock divas on 21st century fashionistas flying private jet from London to Ibiza. Thin silk foulards, vestiges of the luxury voyages of eminent ladies of times gone by, are used to create intentionally imperfect one-piece garments featuring vintage-effect sophisticated prints oozing edgy rock chic vibes.

Long fringe trims and chain detailing make a striking contrast to the clean lines and suave tones of the structured jackets in woven jacquard. Natural colour palettes (pinks, greys, beige, whites, camel, aquamarine, browns) are fractured by flashes of flamboyant fluos (emerald green, electric blue). The minimalist soul that is classic Patrizia Pepe is given a new take and a new life with some exquisite detailing, like bows on trousers and quilted-effect biker pants. Tricot knit transforms deconstructed jersey jackets into cardigans. Nylon trenches get lace collars.

The glamour comes from the asymmetry and clever use of contrasting volumes. Extremely linear pieces from the front reveal unexpected flowing and oval lines on the back. Meticulously constructed bustiers dominate bodices and dresses alike. Sequins add sparkle to gossamer lace and satin lingerie in bras that will sit with grace and aplomb under a jacket.

Visible zips on dresses worn with chunky copper-plated accessories project a flamboyant, feisty personality while pleats, silk, and shantung give it all a soft and friendly feel. Lots of room is given to ultralight jersey, viscous and chiffon.

Skirt and dress lengths are no longer in between, becoming either long or short, giving glimpses of a sexy, savage kind of women behind floaty thigh-length splits.

Rock and deco accents merge with noble nonchalance: rows of black sequins and beads echo the geometrical shapes in Klimt’s female figures. On the tone-on-tone version, a colour effect created by the layered fabrics, the sequins give the ensemble an iridescent effect.

Denim is bleach wash and distressed, the look is layered and 70’s feel, and the cut is destroyed or kick flare. Shapes are wide-open and fluid.

The leather part is provided by suede trousers, shirts and lace-up shorts. The classic biker jacket gets a luxury revamp with the construction of wide-open bell-bottom sleeves. Laser-cut leather jackets are embellished with leather flowers and studs. Stretch nappa or laminated python-print trousers and snake-effect jackets.

Accessories make no less of a statement, like the leather plaits and embellished chains on soft leather bags… or glittery zips and zip pulls on minimal models. Shoulder bags get fringes, or micro bags get metal.

Sandals have killer heels or none at all, and chain fringes or leather flowers. Printed foulards, studded belts. Exquisite accessories feature coral, shells and crystal.

These surges of glamour create a new kind of luxury with a classic heartbeat and rock’n’roll soul.


  1. meravigliosi…!

  2. Icapi sono ottimi ho un ricordo non molto lontano ma si c’è un ma io ad esempio non posso permetermi un mono marchi oramai è la cliente che cerca un detterminato marchio anche scarso( come molti girano)ma x convinzione o x publicità vogliono

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