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Just because it’s 8th March, don’t head out with the girls to try and be like Carrie & Co. Don’t go clubbing. Don’t do it because that’s not emancipation: it’s just a tired old 1990’s cliché’.
Women‘s day is 365 days a year: when lady workaholics jump through hoops to find time for a private life in between back-to-back meetings, when mums try to squeeze in some time for themselves after nappy-changing, burping and a thousand other things to do, when college and university girls have to find the motivation every day to go through book after book to inch their way that little bit closer to what seems like a distant goal, when wives, as well as being the perfect other half, try to find time to do the things they like doing alone, without feeling like they’re neglecting someone.

On this special day, just like every other day of the year, Patrizia Pepe hopes that women will love themselves, recognize that they’re worth it, and not wait for someone else to buy them a gift…. because no one will love you as much as you do!
Visit www.patriziapepe.com for a few ideas.

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  1. Post liberamente ispirato a “ 50 (more) Ways to Leave Your Clutter “, di Courtney Carver – Be More With Less . L’anno è iniziato, qui su minimo, con un boom di visite di persone in cerca di ispirazione sul tema decluttering. Eccovi allora una serie di “micro-azioni” per liberarvi del superfluo. Ricordate, non contano solo le grandi manovre: anche un piccolo gesto può fare le differenza. E ovviamente aspetto i vostri suggerimenti per completare l’elenco!

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