Sales Guide #3 Trousers Special

Welcome back to the Patrizia Pepe guide to the sales.
This special is all about trousers, and if you maybe missed the previous two editions on coats and jackets, then just click the underlined words to catch up on what's on offer.
We've picked something for everyone, from uber pencil-thin and girly to classic, wide-legs, casual or even shorts for the trendy crowd.
The system's the same, just click the images to see prices, colours and sizes still available.
Satin jersey ponte leggings for day and night wear, an all-round wardrobe staple that works in any combination, with boots or courts, flats or heels. This very item featured in one of the Patrizia Pepe Autumn Winter Catwalk looks. In wrinkle-free Japanese smooth viscose fabric, the skinny, boy-cut trousers will still look chic at aperitivo time after a hard day in the office …. not forgetting that they were part of the Evening Collection too so can be dressed up for a big night out or special occasion. A leading light on the catwalk (Look 2 and Look 37), our next item was truly one of best-worked trends of the season. Comfy, cosy, versatile and as irresistibly chic as ever, we're talking about the stretch wool,contour weave gabardine trousers. Another item in the same smooth Japanese viscose fabric as before are these smart and naturally stylish soft, carrot-leg trousers. Wear below the waist for that casual chic touch that always makes a great look even better. Check them out in two of our Evening Collection looks (Look 26 and Look 29). Moving on, these stretch wool gabardine turn-up trousers are available in four colours; being to easy to work and easy to wear, they were one of our best-selling items. If you like this fabric, take a look in our Digital Boutique at the wide range of jackets and pick yourself the perfect suit (just enter the keyword A02 to search a matching jacket). Next up are these stretch viscose and wool crepe charmeuse fabric, wide-leg, pleated trousers; best worn with killer heels to work that boyish ladylike look to perfection. The leather belt with logo buckle comes with the trousers which were part of the Evening Collection. The wide-leg wool gabardine micro-pattern trousers with turn-up hem are another Autumn Winter best-seller. Of timeless appeal thanks to the warm fabric and palazzo fit, this is one item that everyone should have in their wardrobe. Every sales guide has to have a bit of leather, so we've picked some super-slim panel trousers made of garment-washed kid leather and stretch viscose jersey: yet another super bargain that you will be so glad you took advantage of when next season comes round. Check them out in the Patrizia Pepe Catwalk Collection (Look 15 and Look 34). And now onward to the Shorts! As in demand and on trend as ever, we had jackets on our mind this season when thinking about shorts, the idea being to create a kind of college-style suit. Androgynously girly, these shorts are for winter wear primarily with boots, flat or heeled. Number one in the glamour stakes without a doubt are these fresh wool shorts with "dinner jacket" style pleated front panel, picked for a superb feature in the January edition (no. 51) of Vanity Fair (page 152)! Last but not least, how about these simple and super slim micro shorts… in stretch wool gabardine, definitely not for the faint-hearted, and definitely for the younger, slimmer shoppers! Stay right there now, as the next special on tops is on its way! Shirts and Tops… extraordinary items… out of the ordinary prices.

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