Sales Guide #5 Dresses Special

We’ve reached the last but one of our special Patrizia Pepe guides to the sales, this time focusing on dresses. If you’ve missed any of the previous ones, then just click the underlined words to catch up on what’s hot and on sale in the Coats, Jackets, Trousers and Tops categories. The same rules apply: just click the images to see details in the Digital Boutique of price, colour and sizes still available.
Designed originally as day wear, the stretch wool gabardine dress with skinny stretch viscose jersey sleeves also works perfectly as an unfussy but classy item for a night out. A wide selection of matching jackets are available in the Digital Boutique; just enter A02 in the search field to find yourself a perfect and timeless classic: a suit.

Another preferably day dress that is still versatile enough to wear on other occasions, thanks to the patterned fabric and gold lurex inserts, is this stretch wool jersey scoop-back dress.

Since this special is all about dresses, we decided to make sure we give you plenty of evening ideas… partly because an evening dress is one item that usually costs that little bit more due to the work involved and the materials used. Now that they are on sale, it really is a great chance to grab the ultimate bargain. Another equally valid reason for giving you so many options is that an evening dress is an all-year-long kind of garment. You’ll be able to use them, year after year, for special occasions with different guest lists, or for nights out with new friends or new groups.
Let’s start with a simple, unfussy but statement dress in stretch viscose jersey, gathered on the side and sequin detailing below the shoulders.

Moving on, we come to the stretch viscose jersey mini dress with beaded neck detailing: an effortlessly easy and stylish item, which works as both a dress or maxi top.

The next dress has a layer of silk georgette and a beaded neck on the top and a cotton jersey under layer and sleeves, making it a quirky, easy dress that simply oozes glamour.

Next up is a get-noticed evening dress in floaty Japanese viscose fibre with silk chiffon sleeves, stone detailing and ostrich feathers. The special touches are so stylishly understated that they make their own style statement.

This double-layer mini dress, silk chiffon on the top, stretch angora jersey underneath and nothing at the back, comes in 5 colours and has a grosgrain belt. Originally intended for your wildest Winter nights, it will slot just as seamlessly into a summer party.. and now that’s it’s on sale, that’s one very big not-to-be-missed opportunity.

The most wanted and best selling item of the Evening Collection is now available at an unbeatable price. Which one is that then? We’re talking about the stretch silk satin, backless jumpsuit with chain and pendant-like detailing …. do you want one too?

Let’s turn out attention now to dresses of the all-over sequinned variety, the Must Haves of Patrizia Pepe Collections. Anyone who has already bought one will know that they can become a bit of an they help you shine your very own light on those big fashion events in your life.
How about this top pick of the season, taken from the Evening Collection and also pictured in special editorial features …. if you’re quick, you can still get the matching jacket too. The floaty viscose base is decorated all over in stripes with sequins.

Another item from the Evening Collection which also featured in fashion editorials is this dress with all-over, tone-on-tone sequin detailing…

We hope our Patrizia Pepe guides to the sales have been helpful and given you some inspiration… watch this screen for the last edition looking at accessories and shoes.

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