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It’s sale time… come grab a bargain! If it’s it sales time then it’s also time to give you some top tips.. so here’s a guide to the sales just for you, dedicated entirely to the Menswear Collection. This guide really is pretty special, because it was written by a customer, consumer and friend. Someone we’d like to thank, so here it is, the full and unabridged version. No one understands a Patrizia Pepe product better than a customer does!

I hope you’ll forgive me for enthusing too much when I describe each item, each one is just as special as we all have our own style and our own preferences.
I personally love shirts, and Patrizia Pepe has something irresistible for every style possible. The Classic, a seasonal bestseller. Perfect with a jacket, with or without a tie. My favourite, I think I’m possible addicted to it, there’s always one in every Patrizia Pepe menswear collection. Eternal, non-destructable and very, very comfortable! Available in a wide range of colours. You might notice that not all colours are on sale, they’re the ones that are repeated from collection to collection. You totally MUST get one of the seasonal colours now on sale though!

If you prefer a rock edge, then Patrizia Pepe has this lightweight denim shirt. It’s perfect for every season, and looks just as cool with a “classic” jacket.

The vintage print t-shirts are also on sale. An excellent buy, made of long-lasting supersoft cotton, to bring out in late spring and wear all through summer. A huge selection, all very buyable!

I’ve never really enjoyed winter, all that cold and wind always put me off spending my free time outdoors. When the thermometer dips, you need so many extra, complicated clothes.
Or at least, that’s how it used to be. Now I can’t wait for Patrizia Pepe winter collections to go online, and it is with great pleasure that I head for the jumpers page! There’s something new every year, I love all the changes. What never changes though is the quality and exquisite workmanship.
I have to admit that now that I’ve been wearing Patrizia Pepe knitwear for a few years, it really is worth what it costs; the materials are of extraordinary quality and you will be able to wear them season after season. Just make sure to follow the care instructions.
Here’s a couple of good tips.
The first top, the V-neck one with fine ribbing, is made with a mixture of high-quality fibres: pure new wool, mohair, Alpaca. Soft and cosy, the V-neck is perfect for showing off an equally perfect Patrizia Pepe shirt. It comes in two different colours which will go with everything. I just love the two looks that Patrizia Pepe put in the Digital Boutique, i.e. the sober, classic look in Navy Blue, and the free spirit, rock one in grey melange.
The second item boasts the purest ever fibres. Pure new wool and cashmere, an absolute gem! I like to imagine wearing it casually, class and casual in the same outfit: perfection! It comes in three colours and don’t think I’m crazy, but I really recommend getting all three!
I give them each 10/10.

Turning our attention to trousers and jackets, what about the most comfortable and classy pair of wool mix trousers ever, that are soft and easy on the legs and the eye. Wear them with the grey sneakers. This is a no-limits pair of trousers!
The other trousers on my list are a bit special, vintage-effect in wool mix gabardine. Just right. All the time.
Both will capture your imagination, and both are classic casual. Perfect for keeping warm wherever.

The two jackets that I have picked have a bit of an unusual shape.
The first one is a wool mix, and looks like a classic double-breasted affair. It might even seem a bit too simple/classic, but if you wear it with a casual shirt and jeans, then it strikes just the right balance.
The unusual cut of the other one is what caught my attention. It has a high collar and hidden buttons. It is made of technical bistretch fabric. I would wear it in two ways: buttoned for a futuristic, serious look, and open with jeans for a more modern feel.

I’ve learned over the years to go beyond my first impression of what something looks like, and listen to how someone else (undoubtedly with more taste and more experience than me) suggests it should be worn. If you know how to match things already, then they could be a great source of ideas!
The staff at Patrizia Pepe really are good at putting together the various looks for each item.

Here are two masterpieces….. two jackets..and you’ll see why I’m so excited about them!
Both are made of wool fabric. A special mention goes to how Patrizia Pepe uses this type of fabric. Protective, warm, waterproof, sturdy.
The first jacket is classic. If you’ll allow me, I have to say that whoever wears this jacket shows that he has a “tidy mind” and others will see this. What a good way of letting the world know how you intend to start the year!

The second one is pretty special, it’s a jacket but looks like a cardigan, thanks to the tricot knit effect. I love it when people look at me when I’m wearing something like this, and you can see they are thinking: Is it a jumper? Or is it a jacket? What it is, is a really lovely garment, made for style lovers, and for people who like quality, and most importantly, who love themselves.

You may have noticed that I’ve picked a mixture of classic and casual for this guide. These two trends are also well covered in the shoes.
I don’t think it’s our clothes that make these two styles though, I think our style comes from inside of us, how we see something in our mind’s eye and how we think we could use it.
As if by chance, the first shoes I’ve picked are a great example of this. There’s something I just love to say now: we are in the presence of a 100% all-Italian leather shoe here. Quality quadrupled!
I bought these shoes, and they came with a special label telling me that the rough surface and appearance of the leather is intended and not a defect. The overall effect (the only word that springs to mind to describe it is scruffy), with the shoe laces left untied of course, is young and definitely casual.
These shoes are magic! Can you call shoes double-sided?
Just give them a swipe with a soft brush, and the leather transforms, becoming all smooth and shiny. All you have to do is lace them up and the magic is complete, you now have a serious, grown-up pair of shoes!
It takes a day for the leather to gradually go back to its rough and ready look …

I think I’ve said enough already!
I haven’t forgotten about the sneakers though, vintage effect in real calfskin shiny suede. They are not magic though, they are just BEAUTIFUL!

Accessories-wise, I have picked three items, three different kinds of dressing, three different times of day.
A tie, simple, never too loud. Take a look at the mini dots on the black one. Classic and original at the same time, it’s what you need to get noticed!

If you don’t like scarves, then the neck warmer is great for keeping out the wind and cold. In a perfect mix of wool and acrylic, the fibre was designed specially to stop it from balling and keep it soft on the neck.

The destroyed-look hat is made of fine wool and silk.

My imagination starts to run wild here, travelling transatlantic to the Big Apple, where I can see myself at the mouth of the Hudson River, with the salty wind lashing me as I look out towards Liberty Island. The 5S0309 A171 hat and jacket make me feel like a true blue “Newyorker”….
Thanks P. We’re more than happy to share your guide to the Patrizia Pepe sale…. and we’re imagining that you will actually go to New York. Don’t forget to send us a photo!!

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