Rock Festival & dirty style

We were inspired by the Coachella Festival, one of the top US rock festivals held every April in California. It’s the first of many, and the perfect opener for the global rock festival season, especially in Northern Europe.

There were loads of celebrities in the crowds: actors, actresses, pop princesses, all hanging out in the ultimate hippie-inspired outfits, almost as if they were taking part in a modern-day Woodstock.
With flowing blouses and maxi chiffon dresses in neutral shades, the statement look of the event mixed shorts or stonewashed skinny jeans with over t-shirts to create an intentionally hobo chic vibe.



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  1. interesssante sapere che il tema del portfolio da me inviatovi circa 12 mesi fa e intitolato proprio coachella Festival , oggi risulti una Vs ispirazione … Complimenti e pensare che a vs dire non risultava interessante avete l’occhio lungo vedo !

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