Small items – fresh, casual…but elegant…here are this Summer's must have items!

Choose your style Icon or simply look around…from young to older, from Fashionistas to Classic queens, there isn’t a Woman around who isn’t wearing Shorts & T-Shirt.

In Denim, in cotton garbardine or garment dyed canvas, it doesn’t really matter.
What counts is that they are worn with ease, as the most comfortable garment in the world, but with little details, like the colour, fabric, and Accessories that highlight the uniqueness and sophisticated contrast to all other short trousers which are around…
So if your style idol is the beautiful Alexa Chung, then a striped T-Shirt is an absolute must!
T_Shirt_Cotone_a_righe_lavato_tinto_capo Jeans_Shorts
Ok… Denim is timeless and limitless and we all love it, but this season more than ever, it’s distinctive colours that make Shorts more exclusive and distinguish them from regular Must Have Jean shorts.
How about these loosely-tailored pair in dyed cotton.
Shorts_colorato_tela_Cotone Shorts_colorato_tela_Cotone
Unmissable printed T-shirts…in colours or “Classic” white…choose your catchphrase and pair it up with coloured Shorts or trousers for a more “serious” look…
T_Shirt_stampata_Cotone T_Shirt_stampata_Cotone
And for the more daring…the sexiest outfit combination…
Hot Pant-style Shorts with boots or wedges – heels with Shorts always give the impression you’re pushing the boundaries…now let’s not get carried away, but be daring!
Cool girls never fear!
Shorts_colorato_tela_Jeans Shorts_colorato_tela_JeansStivaletto_palle_con fibbie Sandalo_con_zeppa_tomaio_in_camoscio
Last but not least, the straw Bag with the Patrizia Pepe Fly resting on the Leather handle…fresh and colourful.
Borsa_paglia_manici_pelle Borsa_paglia_manici_pelle

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