Tous Les Jours Capsule Collection

Patrizia Pepe’s Tous Les Jours is the “Nuova Capsule Collection” for the Spring/Summer 2012 season and it has been out for some weeks now.
Dresses, tops and shorts ranging from glamour to pass partout; perfect for any time of the day.
In fact, the idea is to be casually dressed in capsule in the morning right up until the cocktail hour for women who love to feel simply chic all day long.
The colours are vibrant: pink, turquoise and yellow are the basis of a dusty appearance such as the beige mixture and the fresh chromatic yet sophisticated mix of greys.
Silhouettes and the daily allure are purposely casual; however, they are always designed in consideration of the femininity that should be the expression of every “Look”.
As always, it is important that the fabrics and materials are borne in mind: embroidered mesh or patterned with crosshatch weave and macramé, stonewashed linens, jersey and silks.
The retro-based prints and floral and polka-dot patterns meet with the metropolitan appeal of the fabrics providing extreme contemporary and brilliant elegance.

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