Berlin Diary #1: Street Style Shooting

On 6 November, the splendid city of Berlin provided the perfect backdrop for the street style photoshoot for the #Goldenized capsule collection… Check out the official images by Sandra Samburg.
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We had the pleasure of working with so many professionals from various sectors and an opportunity to be get inspired by their energy and creativity. Utterly inspiring!
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The first expert that we worked with was Sandra Semburg, a renowned photographer from Berlin, well known for her Street Style images.
The Mitte district in Berlin was the perfect stage for Sandra’s shoot, and she was quick to identify shots, great lighting and locations to capture our bloggers Gala Gonzalez, Patricia Manfield and Sylvia Haghjoo.
blog goldenized
And after the sneak preview from the live reporting on our official channels Instagram, Facebook and Twitter we are delighted to release some of the final images from the Street Style shoot, what do you think?
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