Woman Collection Pre-Fall 2013-14

For the next pre-winter collection, Patrizia Pepe explores the most sophisticated stylistic and colour variations in fabrics, harmoniously combining classic style with contemporary innovation through delicate subtle looks and the more rigid forms of dense, warm textures.
In line with the opposites which define modern femininity, we see a distinct contrast between the felted, unyielding and measured elements, and ultra-lightweight softness which delicately envelopes the body in ethereal and airy flowing forms.
The fabrics are exquisite, refined and handled with care. From the silk chiffon of captivating dresses to sharply tailored wool “felted” jersey, which emphasises the clean lines of formal design, to exclusive mixes of fabrics that unite and bring together various textures.
Tried and tested rules that enhance your wardrobe with denim/cashmere garments, interpreted through tailoring and presenting knitwear in which careful craftsmanship combines wool and georgette.
Even the colour palette suggests a distinct change, comprising seemingly contrasting tones yet still mixing harmoniously together: from neutral shades like delicate rose-pink and storm grey to cooler and dusty tones like active grey and hybrid blue, and finally more powerful colours like burnt brown, blazing yellow, sugar coral and lipstick red for an ultra-shiny effect.
The various hues meld together, through the graphic motion of the seasonal prints: geometric prints in micro or macro patterns, printed onto fine silk.
The look is completed with the line of accessories, playing on the mixing materials theme: fabric, leather and jacquard designs combine to revisit the “military style” look, emphasising the easy-going and urban feel for the season.
Prints and appliqué details feature on ankle boots, suede bags and scarves, paired with gloves and ankle socks in macho-inspired micro-prints.

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