Men's Fall Winter Collection 2013/14


Hybrid sensations and extreme fusions take centre stage this season. The solid architecture of the city silently shapes the surrounding landscapes in an urban echo of enigmatic oriental qualities.


The steel, the glass surfaces and the cityscapes provide the inspiration for the urban fabrics: bi-stretch tricotine, technical flannel, multi-layered nylon and wall prints.

In its pure and wildest form, nature is the final key in the selection of the materials, producing raw-effect fabrics with washed and laminated wools, raw-cut jersey, soft cashmere mixes, bull denim, indigo denim, tumbled leather and washed shirts, in a celebration of starting out afresh with treatments that add authenticity to the garments.


The subdued tones of the dark streets, rippled with glints of light, dictate the supremacy of blacks and greys with hints of blue, purple, red and mustard, to reflect the glare of the neon lights at night; the essence of nature itself lends nuances of camouflage green, earthy brown and tree bark.


The accessories – worthy by now of being called “essentials” having acquired the status of everyday staple in a man’s wardrobe – feature slim ties and bow ties, treated leather belts, jersey sets and logo socks, printed scarves and strictly all-Italian socks.

Trousers take on a statement role in the men’s collection: carefully tailored and redesigned in new proportions, from classic side slant pockets to more casual chinos, five-pocket low-crotch trousers and pleated cargo trousers.

Jackets, 3 and 2 buttons in particular, are teamed with strictly same-colour trousers, spiced up by a flash of uniquely coloured shirts, sweaters and t-shirts, or used to create a quietly confident combo look with a lightweight turtle neck.

Down jackets have morphed into brand-new versions that are decidedly street-ready when worn with high-tops and over colours and shaped pieces, or smart and ironic when teamed with running shoes to liven up a dinner look.

The leather biker jacket worn over an old-faithful and evergreen favourite, the t-shirt, is the ultimate in casual chic, or with a shirt and tie for a more urban vibe.

Plain black or fabric mix sweaters in pure merino wool yarns suggest sophisticated dressing; Argyll patterns and all-over prints provide the graphics in the collection; wool-cashmere mix reverse fisherman sweaters and reversable outerwear make up the heavy knitwear.

Limitless combinations make for a look that fuses urban camouflage through original layering and colour mixes, always and most importantly, teaming an unexpected piece to shout out your statement style.

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