DANIEL GONZÁLEZ by Ronaldo Fiesoli 20 November 2013– 28 February 2014

Patrizia Pepe plays host to the Argentinian artist Daniel González – in the Prato factory, Daniel González unites fashion, music and art in an explosive combination. For the project CRIMINAL AESTHETIC FASHION SOUNDSYSTEM the artist has created different environmental sculptures formed from dozens of loudspeakers in various sizes, dressed in fantasy iconography created from sequins and glitter.

Landed in the hall like a space ship, the CRIMINAL AESTHETIC FASHION SOUNDSYSTEM will be colourful spectacle full of music and lasers. A real “music-aesthetic system that sings and tells stories throughout the entrance hall, cafeteria, conference room all the way out to the gym”. Each installation will have its own play list chosen based on the use of the space.

CRIMINAL AESTHETIC FASHION is a star player as any of us would want to be, “suitably non-conformist, politically incorrect, immersed in modern society which clashes on a daily basis with homogenised emotions and seeks every possible way to stay true to itself”.

Like a modern-day storyteller, Daniel González tells his tales through images and music to people who live their daily lives in the factory environment, offering them the opportunity to experience “beauty” even in daily routines.

Daniel González’s art is born out of a desire to seek celebratory customs and reflect them in public projects, banner paintings in sequins and unique wearable pieces presented through high impact performance. González creates crazy, sexy and energetic worlds: spaces where existing conventions fall apart.


Criminal Aesthetic fashion Soundsystem, 2013, paillettes cucite a mano su tela, 190x160 cm dettaglio.

Opening event:

20 November  2013  17.30-19.30

Opening times:

Monday/Friday: 09:30-12:30 and 14:00-18:00, by appointment only

For further information:

tel. 055 87 444 1

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