Accessories Guide: all the trends for next year!

In the 1960s Marilyn sang about diamonds being a girl’s best friend. In the twenty-first century, diamonds still have a certain appeal for women, however in times of austerity and with busy urban lifestyles an accessory, that is not necessarily a piece of jewellery, can give the same “satisfaction”.
And summer more than ever is the time to flaunt accessories, with no limits imposed by minimalist trends and ideally offering explosions of colour, better still if you buy accessories to wear now that still look great with upcoming trends.
A jewel collar necklace: is an elegant accessory that can make even a simple T-shirt look special or enhance a dress.
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A maxi clutch bag: a perfect match with a pair of jeans, even better with ripped jeans. The sophisticated contrast of the clutch bag and the comfort of the jeans guarantees a trendsetter image.
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A woven belt: nothing particularly new in itself, but paired with a high-waisted skirt, it has a slimming effect and makes any jacket and trouser combination look more sophisticated.
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A pair of large earrings: if they have “big night out”-style multifaceted stones they can work wonders and make “intentionally wild” hair look great after a day at the beach.
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Wedge sneakers: a real fashionista item, fluorescent wedge trainers, two trends in one!
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A maxi necklace: with a rapper-style chain and large stones…perfect with a sporty T-shirt – here too it’s the contrast that creates the desired look.
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Lots of bracelets: forget the fashion mantra, “less is more”, now is the time to overload with lots of bracelets!
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A coloured bag: a gorgeous warm shade immediately makes a summer ensemble more unique, and by choosing a classic style the bag can be reused in winter too, with a black coat.
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