Italian chef Fabio Baldassarre cooked up the best in Italian Food for #Anarchic events

We also lined up the best of Made In Italy food for the Anarchic events in Milan and Florence, with master chef Fabio Baldassarre.

The Michelin-starred chef and owner of Ristorante Unico, the highest restaurant in Italy on the 20th floor of the WJC building in Milan, put together an all-Italian speciality menu for the events.



On the menu both evenings was:

- Marinated tuna with Dutch horseradish sauce


- Rice salad with tomato, pineapple and bouquet of coriander


- Green lentil salad with mint pesto and goats’ cheese


- Amberjack tartar with mango and poppy seeds


- Lettuce rolls with green curry cous cous


- Salt cod balls in pistachio crust


- White chocolate cream with forest fruits

- Dark chocolate mousse and biscuit puffs

Another unique part of the evening? Champagne Pommery.

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