Formal occasions? A How-to guide

In terms of style, one of the uncertainties that grips women is not having the right thing to wear to a certain event.

This happens because a gorgeous dress or fantastic suit can be perfectly tasteful but completely out of place at some events. And the more important the event, like an interview, meeting or conference, the more important it is to get the look just right.

In this case, it may be useful to stick to some useful rules to stay safe and feel at ease.

Absolute no-nos:

* Wearing dresses or skirts that are too short or see-through – this is not the time to flaunt a sexy look

* Outfits that are too casual – you could give the impression that you don’t think the event is very important

* Outfits that are too dressy/formal wear – you can dress formally without looking like a maid of honour

* Light shades – it comes down to practicality here; there’s too great a risk of things getting marked and it’s not easy to clean items up quickly and without special tools

* Accessories or garments that are too traditional – it’s absolutely essential not to confuse formal with old fashioned

* Accessories or garments that are too trendy – Day-glo, camouflage and studs are sure to go down better at a cocktail event than at a meeting

* Sandals, wedges and flip-flops are best avoided

* Wearing something new – it’s much easier to look your best in something you’ve already tried and know looks good

Tips to follow:

* Give the classic trouser suit a modern twist – the button up shirt is replaced with a blouse top, the men’s style jacket with a fitted, short 90s style jacket



* Trousers are preferable to skirts – no need to worry about whether to wear tights or not or which denier? But never flesh coloured!


* Black and white is always a winner – smart and easier to wear than just one colour

* Wear a pair of medium heel (8/9 cm) non-platform shoes – makes every look more feminine


What’s your favourite look for formal occasions?

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