Just Arrived: Woman Spring Summer Collection 2013

A “rebel melody” inspires Patrizia Pepe’s summer designs for next year: a stylistic anthem for a refreshingly positive revolution whose manifesto is a wardrobe of contemporary women’s clothing with a message of feminine creative originality and vibrant allure. Personality, exuberance and a free-spirited swirl of colors and detail signal a totally new fashion iconography, dancing a balancing act between elegance and nonchalance, street glamor and casual versatility.
The color palette reflects the chromatic vibes of the sunny months, leaping from pallid tones – as though smoothed and faded by the sun – to sudden bursts of sizzling iridescent laminated intensity. Hence the pop cream, dab skin, hope green and flow beige rubbing shoulders with shock yellow, king purple and glow gold, in high fashion-impact kaleidoscopic spins of color and graphic print.

Volumes follow clean lines, with practical but extremely feminine fits that emphasize waistline silhouettes, as in the new retro-flavored generous bell-shaped skirts. Dresses are soft, gently swathing the body and exuding an airy lightness…part of a sophisticated play of contrasts with sculpturally tailored outerwear.

Fabrics are sensual and ultramodern, exploring the primary dualism between fluidity and structure. Mixed in with the sablè effects, the bi-elastic couture textures and the double-stretch satins, crepe jersey creates delicate drapes shaped by beautiful bejeweled appliqué work. Fabric textures that traditionally get neutral coloring – like muslin or embroidered tulle – appear instead in brashly dazzling reds, oranges and shocking pinks. Strass and studding add classy flashes that illuminate the rock rebel element of Patrizia Pepe “it girls”.

All within a harmonious melodic vision where nature embraces urban lifestyle in an enriching aggregation of contaminations and influences: complimentary contrasts. Many details echo the active&sportswear field, adding extra functionality and techno-innovation. Extra large customizations loom. Totally new concepts bring surprise, like the marriage of camouflage and floral motifs.
And above all there’s an invasion of luxuriantly generous tropical flowers that dominates the collection with its bold 3D mood, the leitmotif pervading a total look that spreads infectiously through technicolor-printed accessories decorated with cascades of sunny sequins and depicting street-style mural graffiti.
This is the Hawaiian Graffiti style that symbolizes the dare-devil independence dominating the season, stealing from spray-painted city walls its message of fantastical rebellion and iridescent humor, in tune with the mood of summer’s favorite destinations.

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