Trend Report: check Street style VS Glam

Even the fashion world sometimes turns back. And right now is undeniably the time for Checks. After dominating the runways of the biggest designer names, this famous square print, in its classic combinations of red/black and green/blue, is now proving to be a massive hit on the highstreet.
The Tartan trend is divided into two.  Extremely casual, almost “dirty” as embraced by celebs such as the Olsen twins, Kate Moss, and most certainly by the queen of street style herself Cara Delevingne. 
In juxtaposition to the timeless tartan trend, for a casual look we have the “check”, to complement and tone down a sophisticated look, with plenty of fancy details such as sequins and embroidery.
Some of the ambassadors of this style include Rihanna, our very own Anarchic Chiara Biasi, Taylor Momsen and Victoria Beckham.

Which style do you prefer?

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