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The Patrizia Pepe Fashion Story Undergrounge is packed out with new details and new characters with the same rock vibes as this first part of the Advertising Campaign.
Chiara Ferragni, crème-de-la-crème of the world’s blogging community, chose the studded squama leather jacket , an exquisite piece that is perfect for one of the leading lights of the fashion world.
Bonnie Strange, star of our Short Film, directed by Iconize and where she donned a Miley Cyrus look, chose the total butterfly look
Last but not least, star of the show Goldenized  Patricia Manfield chose to wear the limited edition #patriziapepeundergrounge t-shirt.
Schermata 10/02/2014 alle 15/08/2013

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  1. zijada spahic - 15/02/2014 reply

    The bag is really nice and I would like to have it. I can’t get anything like that where I live.

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