CHAPTER 1. #undergrounge

The first set, named UNDERGROUNGE from a combination of the words under and grunge, recalls those venues exuding music and good vibes, such as the underground clubs of the New York Village, that are home to performances by impromptu groups and alternative punk bands.
The front and side walls of the room are completely plastered with posters that, with their fancy homemade graphics, echo those of the concerts of the past, stuck up on every wall and in every corner of cities right around the world.
The German fashion icon Bonnie the Strange, author of the blog strangeambition, is a very special guest of the UNDERGROUNGE room, shot as she emerges, typewriter in hand, from a smoky haze – much in vogue at concerts in the 1980s – wearing a biker jacket and a striped sailor miniskirt from the 2014 S/S collection and revealing a close-up shot of a tattoo in the unmistakable shape of the Patrizia Pepe FLY monogram.

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