Exploring the world of sport and active wear, the planet and its extraordinary places, puts the spotlight on a wardrobe that combines technical elements with key urban wear pieces.
SPORTS-CITY style imposes its DIKTAT on the choice of materials, colours, details and designs. Technical waterproof and jersey fabrics, in various weights and constructions, are combined with EVERYDAY WEAR in a completely new interpretation, affording the garments a sporty appeal without necessarily being designed simply for leisure wear.
Cool linen with a springy touch, stretch satins and micro design jacquard, give a distinguished look to sports apparel when the sun goes down, enriching them with decorative elements that reveal the fusion between sports and fashion attire.
Dyed linen yarn and washed cottons reinvent the casual look with an unexpected take on our attire: coordinating jackets and trousers to create a SUMMER SUIT, in coloured, elegant material, which is never over the top thanks to a range of charming tones.
Denim and dyed items, enhance the exclusivity of the garment with hand crafted, focused and localised detailing. Black, white, grey and navy comprise the colour base on which a range of natural shades are applied; greens that reference adventurous forest hikes, blues evocative of moments of freedom and flashes of yellow and pink.
Coats in extra light nylon for mid-season wear or in lighter waterproof versions in different lengths, with printed mesh lining, removable sleeves, multiple pockets and air vents. Jackets, with 2 or 3 buttons, featuring deconstructed constructions and partially mesh lined or in a fitted, sharper and more structured cut. Slim fit trousers are combined with a more structured jacket.
Softened with tucks exposing the ankle, a particularly comfy reference to the gym world.
Chinos, with playful variation on the pockets, become an important staple of your daily wardrobe. As for shirts, there are various options on offer in stretch fabrics, enhanced with elegant trims and collars, and cool muslin, tight-fitting and printed, in light wash to emphasise the freshness.
Jersey is back with its all-round practicality, given a new lease of life in tight t-shirts, printed or salt-dyed, soft and light cardigans and trousers, combined with other materials.
What about accessories? The experimental approach continues in footwear, with trainers and sneakers that combine leather and mesh, classic structures with English-style detailing, on rubber soles; ankle boots and garment dyed lace-ups. Gloves and key rings tie in with the theme of the collection, along with the “global bag”, which is a multi-functional bag that can be used in 3 different ways: backpack, shoulder bag and shopper.
So as expected, in addition to refined elegance, ENERGY, COMFORT and PRACTICALITY have become key features of the men’s collection for 2014.

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