Spring Summer 2014 ADV campaign: #patriziapepeoffbeat

Patrizia Pepe has presented the 2014 Spring/Summer advertising campaign, an all-round creative project that, on top of the season’s mainstream images, will unfold various fashion stories in the space of three months, each inspired by the musical culture and counter-culture that in past decades united the American East and West Coast, becoming a symbolic language that continues to resound to this day.
The synergy between Patrizia Pepe and the world of music, innate in the brand’s DNA, emerges with renewed energy from the varied #OFFBEAT campaign, which reveals the glam-chic nature of the Patrizia Pepe woman through 3 different moods, reflected in 3 special sets that beat the time for the collection, setting the rhythm like a soundtrack at full blast.
The Dutch model Milou van Groesen has lent her face to the campaign, and is portrayed in each setting by the photographer Alan Gelati. The shots document a timeless journey, evoking the iconic locations and ambiances of “musical heroes & fans” past and present. These also feature in a video that, along with the images, reflect the multiple aspects of the Patrizia Pepe woman’s rock soul.
This journey through fashion and music is further developed by the brand new and unconventional FASHION GETS PERSONAL project involving 3 international it-girls, each invited to enter one of the 3 sets and improvise her own personal and unconditioned interpretation of the spirit and garments of the new collection.

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