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Patrizia Pepe has dedicated an entire website to the PE14 Advertising Campaign and its three separate but interconnected sets, and will be revealing its leading lights as the months go by.
The first set in the Patrizia Pepe SS14 Advertising Campaign is called Undergrounge, combining the words under and grunge to celebrate the underground clubs in New York Village where people would get together to jam and alternative punk bands would be formed.
The star blogger of the #patriziapepeundergrounge set is German fashion icon Bonnie Strange, author of the strangeambition blog.
She’s the special guest in the underGROUNGE room, photographed as she emerges from the kind of smoky haze we used to see on stage in the 1980s, wearing a biker-jacket and striped miniskirt and with a close-up shot of her tattoos, Patrizia Pepe’s signature FLY monogram taking pride of place.
The set she moves around in is decorated with a host of coloured posters which because the inspiration for the exclusive, limited-edition T-shirts.
Enjoy the full film of Bonnie directed by Iconize!

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