Rock your T-shirt: be a part of the Advertising Campaign!

We’re definitely in the #patriziapepeundergrounge mood!
We gave you a glimpse of the official FASHION FILM  for the first set in the Spring Summer 2014 #patriziapepeoffbeat Advertising Campaign starring runway star Milou Van Groesen and the one featuring Berlin-based blogger BONNIE STRANGE
We have designed a dedicated website specially for this original Advertising Campaign, which will be revealing a host of new celebrities and leading lights every month, with a brand new look each time.
The fun doesn’t stop there, as it’s nearly time for the Bloggers Battle on, but now it’s your turn to play a leading role!
We’ve just made a series of limited-edition t-shirts featuring the same graphics as those on the posters around the set. Wear one and we’ll post you on our official social media communities, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, as a star of our Advertising Campaign.
Have a look at our gallery starring all our Celebrity friends Ema Stockholma, Andrea Delogu, Nima Benati, Valentina Vignali, wearing the #patriziapepeundergrounge T-shirts
Schermata 27/01/2014 alle 09/12/1947
Schermata 2014-02-07 alle 09.22.55
Schermata 07/02/2014 alle 10/11/2011
It’s your turn now, buy the t-shirt from our online store and post a selfie on Instagram of you wearing it with the hashtag #patriziapepeoffbeat. Join in the t-shirt mania!
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