Team W.O.M.A.N. Patrizia Pepe

Project W.O.M.A.N. Patrizia Pepe is more than a short movie, she represents a real way of thinking. A zest for life, an energetic way of living, something for the consummate multitasker, that never loses sight of the importance of wit.
We have chosen, from among our celebrity friends, women with a strong and dynamic character, up against thousands of daily demands. But as well as great intelligence, which makes them informed and self-deprecating, they sport a rock style that adds a healthy cheerfulness.
They participated in the project by being photographed with their hands forming a W for W.O.M.A.N. Find out more about how they describe themselves!
Martina Pinto: “I’m Martina, actress, diet-devotee, aspiring cook, blogger, 24/7 fiancée. Proudly me”
Ema Stokholma: “I’m Ema, full-time DJ, French on paper but Italian at heart! ❤️”
Alice Basso: “I’m Alice, about to turn 28, I don’t own a matching lingerie set. You’ll usually find me in odd socks and my dream is…is…is world peace. Nnnaaaaa just kidding! I’m no Miss Italy?! My dream is to banish the world of nude coloured tights”
Elena Bonamico: “I’m Elena: I’ve cured indigestion with licorice 4 times and will continue to make it forever, you couldn’t meet a person more crazy than me, I peek in other people’s shopping baskets in the supermarket”
Andrea Delogu: “I’m Andrea Delogu: I Roman-girl at large, I can order in a restaurant on my own and European champion of city parking.”
Katerfrancers: “Hi, I’m Caterina, of arte Katerfrancers. I am the voice of your worst nights, pinklady from day one, BF to any person in Rome in possession of a taxi

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