PATRIZIA PEPE presents #STYLEDIARY, the first spring/summer ad campaign of 2015

PATRIZIA PEPE presents #STYLEDIARY, the new 2015 spring/summer ad campaign, which takes place in three different locations and describes the many passions and experiences of a modern fashionista.
We see her cycling or walking her dog during a work-free Sunday morning, or looking for her favourite vinyl records in a record store, following her passion for music. We see her in a cocktail bar waiting for her friends, ready for her favourite kind of night out: no doubt, a rock concert!
Every outfit is perfect for a different situation, as we see in the new spring/summer photoshoot named #STYLEDIARY. Here Patrizia Pepe expresses the versatility and charm of the new season’s outfits and accessories, which combine style, comfort and functionality for a natural and unaffected look.
Every situation calls for an outfit that can make our protagonist’s sensibilities shine through. From her romanticism to her rock’n’roll spirit, Patrizia Pepe outfits convey her inner world and combine fashion and functionality: body-hugging shapes and crisp colours meet her passion for details, and precious fabrics are embellished with prints and delicate pleats.
She is the only one to have the key to her own diary, which she guards jealously and locks with her Patrizia Pepe Fly padlock. She is the one to decide when to reveal its contents and who to let into her world.
As a symbol of Patrizia Pepe values and a recurring theme of the ad campaign, the padlock steals the show during the new season: it features in the shoots of both outfits and close ups, telling the tale of the shapes, materials and vibrant patterns which make up both day and evening attires.
As well as a photoshoot, the new ad campaign also features a new video, where Patrizia Pepe #STYLEDIARY comes alive with memories and flash-backs, letting us into Patrizia Pepe’s world through social media and the web.
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