Patrizia Pepe: a haven of art

The headquarters of Patrizia Pepe is a space where creativity reigns. Right from its headquarters, the Brand has, over the years, reinforced its ties with culture by hosting contemporary art exhibitions. On this occasion, Patrizia Pepe, welcomes an installation by one of the most important Italian graffiti artists, JB ROCK.
In the foyer of the headquarters of Tessilform Patrizia Pepe in Campi Bisenzio (FI), the latest works of the Roman graffiti artist JB ROCK are displayed: Up high, on the right hand wall next to the red staircase, a large hanging canvas – almost flag-like – hanging down the wall; the piece is a hybrid between the unmistakable tag of the artist, that appears from the background and the elegant ar, a beggiante sign, that covers the entire surface. The piece, characterised by strong chromatism, is imposing in the space, transmitting all the energy of the artist himself, who with great determination continues his search, as he himself says: “I’ve been writing on walls since I was 12 and I’ve never stopped because, today just as before, I don’t have anything in my life that makes me feel better. I think for every human being there is an already WRITTEN path in your DNA. I believe that the difficulty – in the journey through life – is finding that path, identifying with and then struggling to take it forward, with passion and dedication”. An iron will, therefore, which translates also into the other piece displayed: 4 boards for billboards, in metal, are arranged in the space to form a typically urban pattern, this dimension is typical for JBROCK’s work. One board presents a cutout in the metal of the medium, giving shape to a sculptural object.
At the end of the exhibition, the large canvas piece will be relocated to a management area within the company and will form part of the permanent collection.
Moving Forward -  outdoor festival 2014, ex dogana, Roma
Opening event: 
10 June  2015  17.30-19.30
Opening times:
Monday/Friday: 09:30-12:30 and 14:00-18:00, by appointment only
For further information:
tel. 055 87 444 1

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