Californian Villa

Coachella is truly the coolest music festival at the moment. But after a few days of being immersed in music, colours and eccentric style, it’s now time to relax at home.
More than just four walls, this is a typical Californian villa with stunning views over mountains that turn pink at sunset and palms that sway in the wind.
It stands at the gates of Palm Springs, and is furnished with modern designer pieces. Sunlight illuminates crystalline reflections and the magical atmosphere in the images by the photographer Danbo. During this day at home, we completed an editorial-style shoot with the model Sasha Belvaevaa, who wore a blazer and tailored suit; a perfect incarnation of the androgynous-boyish spirit.
Dream or reality? Plain colours or evocative prints? Sentimental or Rock-romantic? The sophisticated and fluid looks express a desire for the colour, freshness and spontaneity of the summer… with the enveloping soundtrack from Coachella echoing in the background. Music is style!
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