Patrizia: Californian at heart

The Coachella Valley is a region of the United States located in Southern California. Most of the year it is a quiet place with stunning landscapes, where the mountains provide a background to a desert of cactus and palms. It’s a dream location for a coast to coast holiday, but also for a photo shoot!
And it is precisely for this reason that the Patrizia Pepe team organised a road trip between Los Angeles and Palm Springs, with an obligatory stop off at the coolest music festival of the past few years: the Coachella. Over the festival’s two weekends the valley is filled with crowds of people exalting a “wild & free” vibe.
This new adventure wouldn’t have been complete without our creative director, Patrizia Bambi, who joined her staff at Palm Springs, stopping off in the coolest locations that this Californian city has to offer: from the Pink Door to other iconic sites.
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