Patrizia Pepe, a place for art: THE FORESTS OF ENRICO PANTANI


 Enrico Pantani presents an installation conceived especially for the Patrizia Pepe exhibition space. The title ‘Foreste’ is the ideal closure for the trilogy of projects that (with the previous shows by Paolo Chiasera and Luca Matti) have investigated the concept of habitat and the relationship that contemporary civilisation constructs with the cultural and natural environment.
The vivid painting style by Enrico Pantani is characterised by a plurality of references, from illustrations to urban graffiti that matures into an original style made up of rapid outlines and brilliant colours. It is true painting, for the way it fits into the vast panorama of possibilities in figurative art today and unique, for the way Pantani makes this corrosive style recognisable, using it to construct the narrative, with images and text, where the disoriented protagonists move in a universe of short stories and planetary emergencies.
Using the traditional genre of landscape painting as a point of departure, ‘Foreste’ is a reflection on the dramatic and unreconcilable conflict between man and nature. Human figures in black and white scrutinise a tranquil and autonomous natural world depicted in dense colour, where their only role is as observers or violent colonisers. In this exhibition the inhabitants of the forest stand out from the bi-dimensional surface of the painting as totemic sculptures that invade the space, maintaining the same character of otherness and unknowability that is symptom and at the same time cause of the global crisis.

16th January 2018 17.30_19.30
Opening times
Monday/Friday 9.30/12.30 – 14.30/18.30 by appointment only
tel. (0039) 055 874441
Patrizia Pepe Headquarters
Via Gobetti 7/9 50013 Capalle – Florence
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