Patrizia Pepe, a place for art: Supermondo [Ultraworld]

The city-worlds by Luca Matti are the new event at the exhibition spaces in the Patrizia Pepe fashion house, or, to be precise, they are voyage through the labyrinth of a post-Anthropocenic planet earth: ours.
Past the threshold of the well-lit hall, one embarks on a space-time voyage that projects the visitor into a futuristic reality. It prospective walk-through, captivating in its wall-hanging installation, enveloping with its large-leafed plants and tactile in its brown-tinted translucence. A narration within which nature and its civilization meet and clash in a game of echoes, assonance and discrepancy, that sees the living being as a regenerative and fluid part of the near future.
In the ‘Supermondo’ project, specially designed for the Patrizia Pepe exhibition spaces, Luca Matti unveils the future existence of our planet earth. The virgin and verdant vegetation of the jungle’s uncontaminated nature has been invaded and uprooted, deeply marked by human activity. It has made way for a Mega City, an architectural labyrinth where nature and man have been devoured by an avalanche of cement and where the macro-world, suspended in its own brilliance has been attacked and colonised by the lethal virus of the Anthropocenic society where the Anthropos [human] has profoundly changed the Earth, its ecosystems (and himself). And yet he lives – the artist seems to sense, in this latest installation, the primordial essence of man on this planet. His resilient ability to generate and regenerate himself, and finally, to recapture the identity of the ‘polis’ of the micro-worlds sprung from his own conception. Matti creates therefore, a diegetic revelation – that resonates today – a narration that unravels through the bituminous flora, across the cartoon outlines of the (un)inhabited city centre to be returned once again, and for the better, to a lush jungle that blocks out the sky with the thrust of its branches and leaves. ‘Supermondo’ makes us examine the latest debate about the disassociated reality that we seem to be faced with in our present time.
A critique by Eleonora Farina accompanies the exhibition.

 October 17th, 2017 at 17.30 – 19.30
Opening times
Monday to Friday 9.30/12.30 – 14.30/18.30 by appointment only
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tel. 055 874441
Patrizia Pepe Head Office Via Gobetti 7/9 50013 Capalle Florence
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