Thelma and Louise: the photographic remake from Nima Benati

The year was 1991 when Thelma and Louise hit screens worldwide in their Ford Thunderbird.
25 years have gone by since we fell in love with Thelma and Louise at the cinema. Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis brought two cult characters to the screen. On dusty American roads, their endless escape tested their courage and the strength of their friendship. These two women, a waitress in a fast food diner and a housewife quasi-slave to her husband, escape from routine, meeting up along the road with a sensational, and then unknown, Brad Pitt.
Thelma and Louise’s journey is, however, much more than a weekend caper; it represents life and its challenges. And then there is the final flight, the scene that is etched in our memories: the image of Thelma and Louise singing, windows down, in their moment of perfect happiness. An example of friendship and female solidarity; of two perfect partners in crime.
This is the essence that we have strived to capture in the latest series of photo shoots in America, directed by Nima Benati in a photographic remake of the celebrated film.
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