Back in NYC! What’s going on?

We’ve returned to New York, to be precise to Manhattan Bridge, the location that provided the backdrop for the short movie and shots for the A/W 2017 publicity campaign. The soundtrack for the campaign was the cover of the unforgettable song Bang Bang and starred the internationally famous Dua Lipa.
Passing through the streets of NY, we come across “Shoe Tossing” one of the classics of street art. We admire the impressive Manhattan Skyline, photographing and filming every detail of this city that is a vital source of energy, adrenaline, inspiration…
We go down into the renowned New York subway, can you guess why?
follow us to find out! 05_IG_30_01 Schermata 2018-02-05 alle 09.47.15 Schermata 2018-02-05 alle 09.47.31
05_IG_30_01Schermata 2018-02-05 alle 09.47.15Schermata 2018-02-05 alle 09.47.31

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